• 产品名称: 铁氟龙编织管
  • 产品编号: 060

特    征:本产品由PTFE管用钢丝编织增强,两端装上金属接头构成软管组件,有耐高、低温、耐压、耐腐蚀、不粘和使用寿命长等特点。
内    层:由PTFE制成Hose管,其特性为耐高温、耐腐蚀、不粘等特性。
外    层:由不锈钢SUS304编织网制成,强化Hose管硬度,提高耐压、外接各种快速接头。
用    途:适用于橡胶、塑料、服装、汽车、机床、造船、电机、造纸、柴油机等行业做液压、气压、蒸汽输送等的软管。对输送冷热交替的液体、气体和强腐蚀介质比其他输送软管有更好的使用性能和寿命。

Features : This product work by ptfe Wire braid reinforced, pose a hose assemblies loaded onto a metal connector on both ends, there is resistance to high and low temperature, pressure, corrosion - resistant, non - stick and long service life and other characteristics.

Product Name

PTFE wire braided hose

Inner layer

made of PTFE hose pipe, its characteristics such as high temperature, corrosion - resistant, non - stick properties


made from stainless steel sus304 woven mesh, strengthening the hose pipe hardness, increasing the pressure, add - ins a variety of quick connector

Operating temperature

continuous and temperature of - 50 degrees centigrade --+210 C


 suitable for rubber, plastic, clothing, automobiles, machine tools, shipbuilding, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, papermaking and Diesel Engine Industries such as steam delivery hose.On the transmission of alternating hot and cold liquids, gases and strong corrosive medium has better performance than other conveying hose and life. Special fittings can be customized

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